• A CHRO Must Balance These 3 Things While Scaling
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A CHRO Must Balance These 3 Things While Scaling

by David Hanrahan, fmr. VP of People Operations at Zendesk

Picture this: you’re a leader in a company that is growing, and you’re struggling. Failing while scaling. What is it about being in growth mode, with the freedom and excitement that it entails, that nonetheless makes a leader crash and burn? I’ve seen this in my past few gigs (Twitter, Change, Zendesk). Really intelligent, accomplished people who are eager and seemingly can do anything, nonetheless lose their mojo and silently exit as a footnote. Personally, I feel on the cusp of it myself in every gig. For some context, while I was at these places, the headcount went like this:

  • Twitter: 600 to 3,000+ in three years
  • Change: 150 to 300+ in one year
  • Zendesk: 700 to 2,100+ in three years

I contrast those experiences with time spent at large but relatively stable companies (Shell, Universal, Electronic Arts). There was some element of growth at those places — and a LOT of change happening across the business — but it’s very different than doubling the size of your company in a year or two.

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Mike Slagh,
Founder of SHIFT was founded by Mike Slagh, a former Military Bomb Disposal Officer on a mission to open up new post-military career pathways. They've built innovative matching technology that relevance scores military experiences against job descriptions. As an interesting twist, they have a partnership with the government that allows them to send active duty service members to start working at companies full-time for their final 3 months of service -- and the government pays salary and benefits during the work trial. 

Shift overview:
  • Active duty can spend their final 3 months of service to complete work trials
  • Military pays their salary and benefits during the program
  • All four services help advertise to make it highly selective
  • Customer testimonial video from the COO, Head of Talent and others at Affirm
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Sarah Sheehan
Co-Founder of Bravely

Bravely is a resource for confidential conflict coaching and communication guidance for employees navigating issues in the workplace, helping them prepare for conversations with managers, colleagues and HR teams. The easy-to-use platform connects and schedules employees with experienced conflict coaches and HR professionals for conversations about the challenges employees face that can be intimidating to tackle proactively. 

Already backed by $1.5 million in seed funding, Bravely connects employees with unbiased HR experts to help navigate issues in the workplace. From sexual harassment to performance review guidance, Bravely's goal is to make associates feel more empowered at work. 

CASE STUDY: Sapling Creates a Strategic Onboarding Experience - Customer Story, Digital Ocean


Digital Ocean’s People team strive to be progressive and innovative when it comes to elevating the Candidate and Employee Experience, and leverage this differentiator to create a competitive advantage as an Employer of Choice. In early 2017, Digital Ocean invested heavily in their new-hire programs, with strategic onboarding recognized as the cornerstone of elevated employee performance, retention and engagement scores. Through recommendation from the PeopleTech community, their VP People turned to Sapling, an Employee Experience Platform (and PeopleTech alumnus) to automate the tactical/operational aspects of their employee transition programs (workflows/communications/document signing + reporting), freeing up the People Ops team and Hiring Managers to be more strategic and intentional to new-hire success. As Matt Hoffman, VP People comments, “leveraging Sapling as the backbone of our onboarding efforts has helped us ensure we’re supporting high performance for our new hires, and increasing long-term retention”

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