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Cara Brennan Allamano
Co-Founder PeopleTech Partners

Will Robots Take My Job?

Press pause. Consider your personal life - how damn easy is it to answer those random questions (seriously ….where did our knowledge come from before netscape)? How instantly can you train yourself in that new home skill (bless those random youtube videos)? How ridiculously simple is navigating from A to B? How clearly can you see the choices you have when making a decision to buy or experience something? How fast is your feedback to a stranger? And, how often (and at times annoying) does it feel as if Amazon and Instagram are speaking to you, watching you, your tastes, and your passions?

Now consider the experience at work. Yep, that’s when a grand canyon sized opportunity lays in front of us. 
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Vinayak Ranade,
CEO @ Drafted
Drafted leverages your entire company network by matching people already connected with your company to open jobs. With Smart Suggestions, internal and external referrals, and customizable rewards, Drafted can 2x your referral pipeline in 90 days, save you $3,000 on cost per hire, and increase diversity within referred candidates. 85% of people discover new opportunities through their network - which means that your company network can be your competitive hiring advantage.
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Arnaud Grunwald,
CEO @ Hyphen
Hyphen is an internal Glassdoor for companies, enabling management to improve employee performance and retention by constantly listening to their employees, and accessing real-time insights on what employees truly think. Our customers include RioTinto, Randstad, OLA Cabs and Dollar Shave Club.

CASE STUDY: Employee Self-Service Leave Planning

LeaveLogic recognized the growing challenge of family leave management and identified the key consideration overlooked in all other proposed solutions - the employee. With LeaveLogic, employees have the opportunity to self-serve and confidentially plan their leave while managing benefits, family choices, and work coverage plans all in one place. Internal and external resources and forms are seamlessly presented to the employee exactly when they are needed.

LeaveLogic: The missing Link between Scalable Leave Programs and Positive Employee Leave Experiences
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